Thursday, 19 April 2012


Hi Peeps ! 
I will be telling U guys about my favourite colour.
I am very sure all of us do have our own favourite colour.
so do I. I love white.
It signifies calmness and peace to me.
It makes me feel divine and calm. I feel happy when I see white colour dresses.
But over brightness gives me head ache.

 This is me in white when I am in 17 years old.

I am with white shawl and white blouse... :)
I took this when I am in KIC...  :P

White is complete while it gives a sense of completeness. It provides a feeling of perfectionism and a sign of responsibility. 

White reminds me of Snow White. She was happiness, peacefulness and serenity.She was over all perfection. White encourages us to clear the unimportant or obstacles. White also enables fresh beginnings. White also depicts faith and purity, it is associated with light, goodness, purity and virginity.

White is simple yet beautiful ! It is a true symbol of serenity and I always feel white is one colour that looks good on anyone and everyone. Not forgotten, it reminds me of an angels. It makes me feel special like an angel wearing this colour... :)

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