Tuesday, 24 April 2012


This is Kirkby International College which is in Cyberjaya. It is a centre of excellence for teacher education and training. There are many activities held when the college were established. One of the best and unforgettable event was Merdeka-Raya celebration.

The students helped to decorate the hall with all the decorative stuffs together with balloons. 

That's me ! was blowing the balloon...

The heart-shaped light was decorated by Hafiz with our National Flag...

Again That's Me & Nesamani(mY cloz Fwen In KIC)....

Fiona in Indian Attire... :)

Performance by Coreen which is also known as CTA !
 **my roomate** 

Chinese performance
**Gan, Evelyn, Fish, Sim, Vanessa & Fanvian**

Performance by malay students

Indian performance
*Nesa, Yuga, Shuba, Coreen, Usha, Ruba, Renu & Tula*

ThaT's Shuba, Luizza, Me, Ruba (known as De' Hawt Apple) & Renu!

Indian Students From KIC...

Coolest College ! :)

~ The End ~

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